《LOST》是一部开播了6年的美剧(又称《迷失》),我是从2008年开始看这部电视剧,到现在已经追了3年,整个电视剧扑朔迷离,在带我惊的同时,也给了我许多感悟,而今天,终于观看了这部追了3年的电视剧的大结局。 剧情简介 观看 《LOST》is talk about something happen on the island,and this island is very special.by an accident,the people Jack,Kate,Hugo,Lock,and Sawyer get to it,those people lost themselves on real life,but on this island ,they find what they need,some think to this island is they destiny,and someone want to leave,to break away the daemon . The island is like the life which we lived,someone think that’s destiny,and someone want change .however,that’s not the point on our life ,the families,loves and friends is improtant than anything,and this time ,this moment is the best value .